New Defibrillator & Emergency Life Support Training 30th January 2016

Copy of letter sent to residents of Higher Hurdsfield parish in January 2016.

As you may be aware your Parish council has recently purchased a public access defibrillator. It has been / will be placed in the telephone kiosk at the bottom of Cliff Lane.
When a person is suffering a cardiac arrest, they lose consciousness immediately and there are no signs of life. The AED delivers an electric pulse through the chest, in an attempt to restore normal heart rhythm. A patient’s chance of survival decreases 14% every minute that passes without defibrillation; with the application of an AED within 5 minutes of collapse the best possible chance of survival is maintained.
The access to a defibrillator and a trained user, on site allows life-saving actions to be administered, possibly before the ambulance has even arrived.
Trained staff and machines on-site ensure a safer environment for the local and wider community. This could quite literally, be the difference between life and death.
To maximise the benefit of the defibrillator we are planning to offer a basic course in Emergency Life Support Training.

The Course run by British Heart Foundation in conjunction with The North West Ambulance Service. It will teach you how to:
• Use the defibrillator
• Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
• Care for an unconscious casualty
• Recognise and treat someone having a heart attack.

The course takes less than two hours and is free of charge to participants.
We plan to have our first course at Holy Trinity Church Hurdsfield on the 30th January 2016; the times available will be advised nearer the time.
We have a limit of 15 people able to attend each course so we will be adding further events depending on demand.
Irrespective of the deployment of the defibrillator, basic knowledge of first aid and CPR is something which could be invaluable.
Please contact us by the email or phone number below, to reserve your place on the 30th or to express your interest in a later course.

tel. 0161 456 8682

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