Higher Hurdsfield Parish Council meetings are currently being carried out online via zoom until further notice, due to the Civid-19 restrictions.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and can do so by following the information and guide lines below.

The dates of the meetings will be posted on the Parish Council website

To obtain the link and password to attend the meeting please email the Parish Clerk at at least 6 hours prior to the start of the meeting, sending in the completed form below.

The Clerk will then email an invitation with a link which will allow you to connect either by means of a pc, ipad etc. or alternatively via phone.

Before issuing the link to join the meeting we require you to complete and return the small form below giving permission to display your personal data during the meeting i.e. name and virtual image. Your name will not be included in the written minutes unless you give permission to do so and you can withdraw this consent at any time. Your details will only be held until they are no longer required for this purpose.

To contribute to the meeting, we have an item on the agenda “Public Participation” which allows you to speak for a limited time. Please let the Parish Clerk know if you wish to do so on the form below.

If you have not attended a virtual meeting before, we would advise you click on the link 10 minutes before the meeting. Upon entry, you will find yourself in a virtual meeting room and the host will give you entry to the meeting. Your microphone will be muted to ensure any background noise does not disturb the meeting. If you have indicated you wish to speak at the meeting, you can raise your hand at the appropriate time and your microphone will be turned on during the Public Participation agenda item. If you have any questions about joining the meeting please ask Wendy Carter the Parish Clerk via email she will be happy to help you.

The meetings will not be recorded by the Parish Council.

Please read our HHPC Virtual Meeting Policy for further information.

Date of the Parish Council Meeting: -------------------------------------------------

I wish to attend the meeting above. (You can withdraw this signed request at any time.)

Name: ----------------------------------------- Name displayed on computer: -------------------------------------

I DO / DO NOT wish to speak during agenda item “Public Participation”.

I consent to my data being visible whilst attending the above meeting, signed ----------------------------------------.